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Bend The Knee: Series 7 Episode 2 - Stormborn

Bend The Knee – Matt Hoss' Game Of Thrones Blog Series 7 Episode 2: STORMBORN What a bumperpack episode! I had planned to keep it a lot lighter after last week’s behemoth blog, but like a dead Clegane, I come back alive with a vengeance.  Spoilers ahead. Enjoy and please share with your friends!
Eye of the Stormborn 
We start where episode one finished, with Dany and her advisors around Stannis’ old War table. Remember Stannis? Rack your brains. He’s the one… you know… the grumpy king? Not that one. He was the one who burnt his only daughter alive for a battle he didn’t even win.  Remember? That seems so long ago. Remember when the worst thing in Westeros was Joffrey hitting a chubby baker’s boy? Or when Sansa’s Direwolf was put down. The story is far darker now. Shit has got real. Game Of Thrones is essentially mirroring real-life in that aspect. The two worlds share many similarities; in fact only difference between real-life and Game Of Thrones, is that with Game Of Thrones th…

Bend The Knee: Series 7 Episode 1- Dragonstone

‘BEND THE KNEE’ – With Matt Hoss Or alternatively known as: A SONG OF MATT AND HOSS

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones has finally been released. As a mega-fan of the series, an avid-reader of the books and having once performed an entire show about Game Of Thrones, I thought I’d give my response to each episode as they come out every week. Some people have sports to commentate upon, some have politics – I have Game Of Thrones. Aren’t you proud of my now mum? (The answer is always “I will be when you move out of my basement”).

This goes very deeply into spoilers for each episode, so get up to date and read/listen to this when you have watched the new episode. Enjoy, share and let me know what you think.  Valar Morghulis.

SEASON 7 EPISODE 1- DRAGONSTONE IT’S BACK EVERYONE. Everyone’s favourite show about murder, betrayal and lust (outside of the specifically bad Crimewatch  episode) is back.
This series promises to be hotter than saying ‘Dracarys’ to an Astaporian Slavemaster.…