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Bend The Knee: Series 7 Episode 7- The Dragon And The Wolf


It’s the finale of Series 7. This blog has got a lot of unexpected traction and it’s been a delight to write, despite being a lot of words to write every week, but you know, I’ve managed to keep to my weekly schedule. Hey, George RR Martin, perhaps you should take a leaf out from my book…
Thank you for reading and thank you for enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll see you when Season 8 comes out (if there isn’t a pesky nuclear armageddon by then). If you enjoy this you will probably enjoy my other projects. Keep up to date with my work by following me. Find my live dates at (you can also check out things there like my podcast: The Drunken Comedian Podcast). You can follow me @MattHossComedy on facebook and twitter. And whilst you are there - why don't you post about this blog?
But here is Episode 7: THE DRAGON AND THE WOLF – which is a great pub name (I imagine it has ales like “Sandor’s Burnt Chicken”, “Jof…

Bend The Knee: Series 7 Episode 6 - Beyond The Wall

BEND THE KNEE – Episode 6 Beyond THE WALL
Hello? Anyway, fuck the intro – here is episode 6.

Suicide Squad (But without any Jokers)
Is this the way to Amarillo? No – it’s the way to having 7 burly men walk in frosty silence, probably to their deaths. It is the super group we have all been waiting for: The Magnificently Incompatible 7. They are all like a superhero squad as they have different superpowers and abilities.
Jon Snow: He’s the leader and has the power to have daddy issues and avoid death a lot. The Hound: The power to swear a lot and eat chicken.  Jorah: The power of unrequited love and a lot of self-pity. Tormund: The power to have a big beard. Gendry: The power to be young and have a big hammer (like Thor) Thoros: The power to bring people back to life. Beric: The Power to be brought back to life (and has a cool sword)
Jon breaks the ice (literally) by asking Gendry “Have you ever been North of the Wall before?”. Gendry says “I’ve never seen Snow before”. Jon says “I’m …

Bend The Knee: Series 7 Episode 5 - Eastwatch

BEND THE KNEE: Series 7 Episode 5: EASTWATCH

Welcome back!
Great to have you back to Bend The Knee (as Dany is desperate for Lannister soldiers and Kings to do). We have another week or mirth, fire and plotholes (The three gifts I received by the Three wise men on my birthday).  Spoilers ahead.
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BaeWatch We jump straight back in (like Bronn did into the lake) to where we left off in the last episode. Bronn gives Jaime  hastily improvised swimming lessons by pushing him out of the way of dragon’s fire and miraculously saves him.
They drag themselves onto the sand, and barely make it out alive. Apart from the coughing up water and decimation of their army – they seem to be having a lovely, romantic day out together. They look like as if they’re recreating the beginning of ‘Grease’ where Danny and Sandy are making out on the beach – which works well as Danny saves Sandy’s life from drowning too. This would…